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GRIPS, Etc. is proud to offer the largest variety of grips in the world. We offer grips for beginners and competitive gymnasts. Our beginner grips are designed for the recreational gymnast to help keep their hands fromgetting sore. They are great for boys and girls of all ages, and also for cross-fit athletes. The dowel grip is designed for the competitive athlete. The dowel helps the gymnast hang onto the bar and reduces hand irritation. You should check with a professional to determine if you are ready for dowel grips. Our grips are made in different widths and we offer a variety of ways to attach the grip to the wrist. Our standard width grip is the normal width for the industry. It is for most gymnasts. However, we realize that many gymnasts are younger or have smaller hands. Therefore, we also make two narrower sizes of grips. Each grip is approximately ¼ inch narrower. There are three styles of grips:

Standard width grips - used by most competitive gymnasts. Available in Velcro strap, buckle styles and a combination of both.

Narrow width grips - ¼ inch narrower than the standard width. This grip is great for first time dowel users. It allows smaller gymnasts to be able to have the advantages of a dowel grip without having too much leather in their hands.

Beginner Dowelgrip - These are also great for first time dowel users. They are ¼ inch narrower than the narrow width grips. Designed for gymnasts with small hands, these also allow the young competitive gymnast to have the advantage of a dowel grip.